Afterthought 221—At My Desk

Posted in sonnet cycle by maggie on 2015/04/26

Before my light goes irreversibly dim
I wanted things arranged so you could find
your way around, since I, the undersigned,
yield you full access, subject to your whim —
books I hadn't time to even skim;
a sonnet cycle finished, set to bind
then send as promised; scraps I'll leave behind;
and if you meet my mentor, this for him. 

I gave up hopes I'd organize this mess
I'll leave things in — moleskines untranscribed,
stuff from doctors and bill collectors unfiled,
leftover dreams and visions uncompiled,
shots of my muse's whiskey left unimbibed.
Chaos, my most rigid thighs caress!


3 Responses

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  1. Samanthamj said, on 2016/12/01 at 18:54

    Sounds like my office/desk/house/head… 😉

    • maggie said, on 2016/12/01 at 21:12

      & two years since my earliest draft of this one, my desk has only gone more chaotic!

      thanks for giving it & me some good company

  2. maggie said, on 2016/12/08 at 11:16

    days are, when the best idea seems to be to pour gas over it and take a torch to it

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