Afterthought 134—Aubade

Posted in nothing special by maggie on 2015/06/14

                St. Jacobs, Ontario
                   December 2012
      One hour of grace. We may now extend morning by our home clock. Timely e-mail, thank him his watch over our aheads, where we'd drive            if you allow. Keep our connection until we're out the door. Something might change. Give us sign to stay. I'll make a call and this excursion north needn't end            on threat and doubt. But you've moved on. She went too. Only he waits. While I don't pack up until I've not enough time to go back for something left behind she'd meant            me give to you.
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  1. poetalias said, on 2015/06/16 at 21:28

    Feeling morning’s hard edge at both ends – having not wanted to see morning come so you might avoid its departure, you now want to stretch morning to last another hour to postpone that departure. Yet morning is then done before doing what needed to have been done. Nice addition to my aubade collection!

    As for that particular morning, it doesn’t really end until you stop moving with it and let it leave you behind. That choice is up to you alone. Don’t quit on your love.

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