Afterthought 134—Hurricane Planning

Posted in rondeau by maggie on 2015/06/18

Unless they say so, prepare for the worst.  Pack
as though you'll be gone a month or more. Shack
up with friends unvisited since last event, upstate
far enough to avoid storm surge.  Don't navigate
through local flooding.  Beware if skies go black.
We've heard it before - disaster prep yakitty yak
as the storm steers off on an unexpected track
until we're unprepared.  So let's not evacuate . . .
                unless they say so.
I'm so in the wrong to've objected to attack?
Oh.  Sweep out the debris, ignore the flack,
pretend nothing's wrong, let this storm abate.
But as is said of escape plans we contemplate:
If you do leave home, then you can't come back
                unless they say so.

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