Afterthought 511—GO Transit to Guelph

Posted in nothing special by maggie on 2015/11/16

Damn, forgot my wallet.  I've no I.D.
nor credit cards, just spare change
in my pocket from a previous deal.
And my phone, I don't have it on me
so a rendezvous'll be hard to arrange.

Fine, a bus ride west far as I can ride
on my last cash, hoping to get near
enough for my whereabouts to reveal
from one dream to the next held inside
earlier agreements too long left unclear.

My fellow passengers give their support
without hesitation, expecting no return —
one offers his coat, one part of her meal.
Down in an unmapped tunnel we stop short
having long known what love might learn.

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  1. maggie said, on 2016/09/18 at 07:07

    This autumn will be one to end all summers
    that might have touched enough light in our day
    to keep our skies secure from all latecomers
    so as the endless winter’s night to stay.
    Yet will the wheel turn, his final home hers
    to have, to hold and never stone decay.

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