Afterthought 901—Sonnet -1

Posted in nothing special, sonnet, sonnet cycle by maggie on 2016/02/12

This won't be how my word will be reborn 
like yours, all echo, pieces we'll forget, 
as randomly arranged as when we met 
like moonlight let loose on that autumn's morn. 

Like those, no doubt these too will earn your scorn — 
these touches you won't want, dreams you won't let 
act real, as real as poetry, yet . . . yet 
I'll hope this page won't get discarded torn. 

So let's just happen crossing paths again, 
a drink or two, perhaps enjoy a dance 
together, nothing one need bother keep. 
As you yourself have said, my talk is cheap — 
lines strung together from mere circumstance, 
a poem or two here, every now and then.

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2 Responses

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  1. clarioretenebris said, on 2016/02/13 at 11:41

    I had to read this too many times before I did what you always told me to do and read it out loud before I realized it’s not so upside down as it might look. ✒Cyn

    • maggie said, on 2016/02/13 at 15:44
      That's more than likely because you
      can see it from that other point of view.

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