Afterthought 903—Sonnet -2

Posted in nothing special, sonnet, sonnet cycle by maggie on 2016/02/13

A poem or two here — every now and then
I'll leave a poem for you here. You won't know
quite what to make of it. Let's act as though
we mean it this time any more than when
it mattered. Come, let's give ourselves to men
as stiff as sonnets lined up row by row.
Let's play the game. Then when you tell me, "Go
away" again, let's throw away my pen.
How many have I written every day
since then, when I first heard that casting call
and thought it something suited to my taste
and talent. To my love. Ah, waste, foul waste,
the only thing one gets from giving all,
so as I said, I don't expect to stay.


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