Afterthought 1279—Two Poets

Posted in nothing special by maggie on 2016/09/25

You turned completely around to kneel
in the passenger seat, curious
about two poetry books I'd purchased.

I tried pretending the volumes
a mutual selection chosen more by my
quiet traveling companion.

You knew better. Both were poets too
obscure, too near the edge
you guessed I would have made it to.

Both were poets too often
ignored. My quiet traveling companion
stared down at the car floor.

You flipped through the pages of both
worn books as if familiar
with the words, the images, the legends.

I'd thought I would never
see you again. The road fading behind us
said I was again near gone.

You returned my sacred treasures to me.
You sat back in your seat.
You said nothing when we were let out.

I will read those two poets
through your eyes, and whenever I do
rain'll fog up the rear window.


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