Afterthought 25—A Disengaging Limerick

Posted in limerick by maggie on 2014/12/16

A woman reproached her betrothed
saying, "Something I always have loathed
     is when I come home early
     catching you with some girlie,
I find neither one of you clothed."

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Happy Birthday, Me

Posted in limerick by maggie on 2012/02/16

The older one's age gets, the less angelic
one's dreams become. It's all too psychedelic
       how what once felt complete
       goes quickly obsolete.
Happy birthday, me! I'm now a relic!

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Bad Influence

Posted in limerick by maggie on 2012/02/13

There was a rash dude who got urgent
that his girlfriend with him get convergent. 
     She never said yes
     so we leave you to guess
why his jeans got in need of detergent.

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As Normal As It’ll Get

Posted in limerick by maggie on 2011/03/05
As Normal As It'll Get

My limerick portfolio's spotty,
my wit insufficiently bawdy.
     Yet I can contrive it:
     just get to me private
where my normal's no worse than my naughty.

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Partly Poetic

Posted in limerick by maggie on 2010/04/04

There once was a hapless ascetic
aesthetically rather pathetic,
       but what was most vile
       he did with such style
that at least he was partly poetic.

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Who’s Sleeping With Me Tonight

Posted in limerick by maggie on 2006/12/21
Who’s Sleeping With Me Tonight

I've been told that such sex can be risky
When I'm this saucy manner of frisky,
       Yet it ain't bad extremes
       Me desiring them dreams
'Cause I'm going to bed with Sir Whiskey. 

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