taken, retaken, still here for the taking



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  1. namelessneed said, on 2009/08/17 at 15:13

    I’ve tried frustratingly to talk to you about yr poem “pearl” but the spot provided and designated on yr site said no. Just like Form, pushy & unsatisfying.
    These words haunt me. I’ve read them over & over. I printed it so I could carry it, wrote a poem on the back of it at my night job. It talks to him and jolts him like lightening struck twice vacant
    thanx so

    • lady maggie said, on 2009/08/17 at 17:09

      pearls i have closed to comment for now – it is incomplete – might now remain so – i am trying to go back – can’t touch it anymore right now – maybe i should show you those circles on my arms i only called them pearls they weren’t really so – it’s how it had to be for it to work

      thank you for reading – is always ok to comment here if i frustrate efforts elsewhere


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