For a Friend on the Eve of a Triumph

Posted in quatorzain by maggie on 2010/12/17
For a Friend on the Eve of a Triumph

A little credit. That's what some might cede
you, maybe even realize you're the same
who wrote your essay. "What'd she say her name
was? Wasn't she the one who...?" Some may read
enough of it to get you guaranteed
an extra hit or two from those who came
to get attention of their own. What fame
it has to offer isn't what you need.

And when the dust has settled back in place
and once again your poems lie still, come see
the changes I'll have made to mine, the base
I've started using, how they make their case
because of what you've done. Believe you me,
my words love yours like kisses to your face.


— written for Sara
upon word of the pending publication of her article,
A Numbers Theory of the Sestina and Similar Repeating Forms

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