Afterthought 1444—A Crossing, A Casting, A Calling

Posted in quatrain by maggie on 2016/11/30

		We three will come as were sent
		to bring out through our seeing

		word inspired in visions meant
		for our own each one's freeing.

		We three brought along our dark
		ghosts and demons tossing,

		our magic here to make its mark
		to break light on our crossing.

		We three share a common breath
		our life our love rewinding,

		none harming past all death,
		irrevocably binding.

		We three join to voice moon's rise
		for dancing sunlight's falling,

		bardoi to holy exercise
		in one the others' calling.

		We three recreate the myth,
		true poetry reciting —

		Birth and Death and Beauty with
		our song new legend writing.

		We three times three serve its same
		our blessed covenant lasting,

		in our Muse's sacred name
		according to our casting.

When Next We Cross

Posted in rondeau by maggie on 2012/03/03

When next we cross, our kissing will be real
as real can get.  We'll not need to conceal
the secrets that have kept the one unheard
by dreams that to the other reoccured
as breath touched each idea with its ideal.

Instructions? I'll not need them, lover. We'll
remember how to do it. Time will heal
misunderstandings caught up by their word
              when next we cross.

You'll do it as I say it. You'll reveal
what I'd already started. This ordeal
we've had to go through? Lover, it's absurd
to think its smudges could have ever blurred
the rare unique exquisite touch we'll feel
              when next we cross.