Afterthought 1084—Heart Hungry

Posted in curtal sonnet, nothing special by maggie on 2016/07/13

Let's rent kayaks, go watch icebergs relax
like lazy thoughts on currents as they melt
into horizons passing storms have blurred.

Mid-morning breezes tease across our backs.
Old island legends' fingers long and svelte
crisscross, composing secret songs unheard.

If we get separated, we'll meet up back here,
corner of Prescott and Military. Adrien felt
the lunches this cafe serves his preferred.
This far north, our days won't disappear,
                      take my word.


Afterthought 262—Skerwink Trail

Posted in curtal sonnet by maggie on 2015/06/28

Trinity's waters embrace the rocks, whip
salt and sage into crowberry and Tuckamore
to perfume our reverent steps into her wild.

Without Dean I'd not've made it.  My hip
would've kept me from what we're here for —
to make it where the Music Box stands piled.

Otters!—yes, we saw them, like was said
we might.  And dolphins close to the shore!
No poetry could've been more perfectly styled.

Next year, you.  Join us at Sherwink's Head,
                      you and the child.

Afterthought 259—Wish You Were Here

Posted in curtal sonnet by maggie on 2015/06/22

No, the inn where he stayed had been booked
since last autumn for the weeks we want.
Tempted as we were to change our plans,

other schedules interfered.  We looked
from there down to St. John's waterfront . . .
this room with its view, all others sans.

Next time, maybe.  Now that we're hooked
summering here, let's come see the whales
together, when time and space are no man's
                      and harmony prevails.