I Will Not Leave You

Posted in sapphics by maggie on 2007/02/09
I Will Not Leave You

Never will my ultimate poem be written
meant to say farewell as I'd once intended.
Which road would go up without you above me?
              I will not leave you.

Stay with me a hundred more steps, a thousand,
millions then, until we give up on counting.
When have steps with you ever been misguided?
              I will not leave you.

I will never ask you to cease your loving.
You're my strength, love, more than enough to lift me
close beside you, inside your heart forever.
              I will not leave you.

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For Keeps

Posted in sapphics by maggie on 2007/02/08

Wordless, lurking deep in your bedroom's shadows,
keeping every move under strict surveillance
fixed on opportunities, targets, tactics -
              passion's devices.

Played for keeps, this sport is no mere diversion
matching kiss for kiss like your bed's my chessboard,
sacrifices, gambits and traps conceiving
              mating positions.

Caught by your own strategies, captured victim!!
Want a rematch?  I'll let you make the first move.
Stakes?  The usual - loser submits to winner,
              winner takes loser.

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Just By Breathing

Posted in sapphics by maggie on 2007/02/07
Just By Breathing

Let my words fall peacefully through their echoes
short of how this feels being close beside you,
leaving one mere sigh as my sole expression,
              sharing your singing.

Let my sighing rest, leaving only breathing.
Gently wake the virgin that sleeps inside me
dormant, silent, waiting for your soft touches
              giving me shivers.

Let my breaths lie still, let them cease entirely,
save for those I'm holding for your recapture,
helpless, trusting - You know the spell I want, love.
              Kill me with kisses!

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Local Brew

Posted in sapphics by maggie on 2007/02/07

Taste my lips.  You'll savor concocted potions,
Sweet delights your tongue finds intoxicating,
Spicy doses swirling inside like witchcraft,
              Lovers' elixir.

Drink until your will is as weak as water.
Swallow me like whiskey that heats your body
Close to boiling over with lust and leisure
              Drenched in my syrup.

Sauced to madness, craving my liquid magic,
Drown beneath the flood of excited passions.
Bar's still open, darling.  Are you still thirsty?
              Ask for a refill.

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Posted in sapphics by maggie on 2007/02/06

How adored I am!  Does it take a thousand
nights? when only one is enough to conjure
universes blazing as though creating
              fire in your lover.

You adore me!  Pour on your fuel, your passion!
Dry incendiary lips crave ignition.
Heat my breath with dreams that we'll burn together
              scorched by our kisses.

Come, adore me, lover!  I'll dare extinguish
not a single flame of the thousand burning
even when consumed to my dying embers
              left on your heart's hearth.

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Shared With Each Other

Posted in sapphics by maggie on 2007/02/05
Shared With Each Other

Fervent kisses bend to your thoughts like water
Mimics shorelines, night into daylight spicing
Supple skin with thousands of sampled flavors,
            Each for your pleasure.

Let me wake your dreams while you dream my waking,
Wishes filling longings with violent hunger,
Hunger feeding visions of explorations
            Shared with each other.

Must we wait?  Each moment grows more impatient
Pulling future promises toward indulgence,
Private senses only your heart may quicken,
            At your request, love.

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Posted in sapphics by maggie on 2007/02/03

Coaxed by your caress, my desire awakens
Kindled embers dreaming of sizzling whispers
Kissed in secret, crossing to find your own lips
                Eagerly reaching.

Seeing what you see makes the mirror jealous,
Envious how well I reflect your passions
Bathed in light as beautiful as the moonglow
                Cast on a jewel.

Fervent senses melt in complete abandon,
Heated bright as moments where we've ignited
Raging flames your fingers wish they were touching -
                Give them my hard hips.

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Posted in sapphics by maggie on 2007/02/02

Shining angel!  Beautiful virgin goddess!
Lover, my soul's lover!  You devastate me
Singing pleasures heartbeats can only answer
                   Through their surrender.

Moving softly, secretly from my shadows,
Leaving dreams my mother's embrace had left me,
Not the timid girl who'd prefer seclusion -
                   I'm your beloved.

Wrap me in your arms and unwrap my passions
Gently, slowly, sure of your longing's power
Over she who kisses each word you tender,
                   Mesmeric dancer.

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Answer from a God

Posted in sapphics by maggie on 2007/01/23
Answer from a God

<You belong to me in your flesh, your spirit.
I can yield you peace. I can help you suffer.
Tune your voice to mine, down to where you'll hear it
       Lower and rougher.

Come with me. I'll help you forget tomorrow.
You don't need to shoulder what's not your portion.
I hold all the time you could wish to borrow.
       Praise your dark fortune!>

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