Posted in pearls by maggie on 2009/08/11

pearls will fall like all but brighter stars done in by yawning moonlight
pearls will chatter like chickadees calling dawn stray dogs barking back
pearls will find smudged horizons to splatter with lightning struck twice vacant
i scratch out circles at each arm i call them pearls them all pearls 

fencing freedom for                       work
folding vision up for                  bed
taking only one                    chance
dont broadcast                 it it wont sell what will help
dont point at              it it wont forget soon enough
dont laugh at it                it laughs back sneering

be good to               who will be mothers
be nice to who            will give their own
be true to who will        leave open
there will be more       to meet
there will not         look down
there will        make pearls

i will        have to terminate it
i       have to make it stop

what      went with red
sleep    again eat again be still again
dont make    fun of have some
thiis will   not be it
doesnt hurt not  where
not near not in any of the ways

exterminate it
make it go

there is a stone inside me
it call it a per call it a pearl
a black hard stone
a growth
it feeds on me
it keeps me up
it moves me far away
dont look at it not straight on
it will last when i cant
it will cry when i wont

wrong goess wrong
not some another way of seeing
not for an alternative take
not as worth turning into opinion
make it my mistake my wrong my sin
hten and it does my best truth and be wrong

sara watches my try to swallow
she stays awake to see that i dont
she has someone too looking in on me at random
i make her to tell me when it has turned its into too much

i need to terminate it make it quit
its claim on me its merciless control
constricting feeble breath through knotted howl
at what gets made with me as stupid bait
it has to end itself to pull its weight
its penalty its purpose rank and foul
out from the inside gnawed and swallowed whole
across cold skin my curse in bloodline writ
to sacrifice the one reward i'd prized
ironic how love plays out so such twist
this part of me most me unrealized
not ever taken out not ever kissed
not ever noticed never recognized
then i at liberty to not be missed

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