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Posted in terza rima by maggie on 2017/03/20

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Passage 180 — In Passing

Posted in terza rima by maggie on 2016/12/21

On streets drawn by his childhood memories
we welcomed winter's fire into our hearts
to dance our solstice through its arctic freeze.

"One circle ends. Another circle starts,"
he said. He passed my stone back to my hand.
"As yours finds its new home, my own departs."

He knelt down, aching, kissed familiar land,
looked to the dark sky, breathed familiar air,
then let me help him leave the way he'd planned.

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Posted in terza rima by maggie on 2012/02/07

So, did you run a check around back first?
       The exit's boarded up solid, did you know?
Girl's got to see when to assume the worst

and when not. How about if you need to go
       when the way in's blocked? The fire escape?
Rusted out. Yeah there're windows although

the ground floor's barred. Anyway the shape
       you're in, you won't be up to fancy feats
or studied moves. No matter what the scrape

that landed your ass here, the open streets
       trump a hard choice you can't get reversed.
This mistake you'll die from, no repeats,

       no coming out alive, not a word uncursed.

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