Sonnet 2

Posted in quatorzain by maggie on 2006/12/01
Sonnet 2

A hundred poems in just as many days
And I'll be choosing sonnets for my form.
I know, don't tell me: sonnets aren't the craze.
Then too, I've never catered to the norm.

For now, it feels too good to be cut loose,
So let these rigid lines serve as restraint.
I don't intend that as some poor excuse.
It's just that what this seems to be, it ain't.

I'll swing back later on to get my things
But otherwise I don't expect to stay,
Not now that they have given me my wings.

The final word I leave, I won't repeat.
I gave my love and meant it yesterday.
Goodbye, my friend. I'm back out on the street.

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  1. maggie said, on 2008/08/16 at 15:59
    I'll not be choosing sonnets for my form
    without the others being there as well,
    the one most apropos thereby to quell
    before her body's even gone lukewarm
    while yet unleashing voices in a storm
    of chaos tightly wrapped in nature's spell
    (driven through death's utmost random hell)
    until retrained to take real as the norm.
    It isn't. Never could have been. And yet
    such things get thought, get said, get written down,
    get taught, get advocated fiercely for,
    get sold, get preached, get died for in the war
    to benefit our legacy's renown —
    that word God said we were not to forget.

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